Pallet Table

The first “DIY” attempt. A big one at that.

It was one of those projects that began with “we just can’t find what we’re looking for” so, we made it ourselves. We knew we wanted an indoor herb garden so we could have fresh herbs all year round. But it became quite difficult to find the type of table we were looking for. Maybe I just had an image of a pallet table in my brain and couldn’t shake it. Thanks Pinterest.

What I loved about trying this out was how much EASIER it was than I expected! It only took us around 2 hours one Sunday and that was it! I may stain it in the future, but it looks pretty good for now.

How it was done:

  1. We began with 2 pallets from my boyfriend, Elliot’s, job. I imagine with some craigslist searching and a few requests from friends, you could find a couple pallets as well.DSC00218
  2. After discussing our plan (which we came up with surprisingly fast), we got to work with the power saw. We decided we wanted the top of the table to be about half the size of a pallet. So, we cut just outside of the middle board to create our base for the top.DSC00227
  3. And repeated that on the other side (e.g. turned it over).IMG_3615
  4. The next step was to fill in the gaps. We took the boards from the other side of the pallet (that we had sawed off) and hammered them in the gaps. Some fit perfectly snug while others had to be trimmed on the edges a bit. We used a hatchet for that.IMG_3622
  5. Once they were in, it was easy to secure them in place.IMG_3627
  6. Onto the legs. We ended up using the long board we had already cut off and then used one more long board from the second pallet. The hardest part was getting all the small boards and rusted nails out. Then we (really, Elliot) sawed them in half and positioned them underneath.IMG_3634
  7. We secured them with a level, a screwdriver, and a steady couple pairs of hands. We were both worried about how level it would be since these boards were old and we did it in our yard, but it worked much better than expected! Here’s the finished product:IMG_3642

Now trust me. I am no expert. Like I said, this was inspired from a simple idea, which got turned into a “let’s just see” project, which resulted in an actually useful table. Honestly, the worst that could’ve happened is that we got frustrated, hated it, and threw it in our fire pit (which has seen pallets before…). It turned out that we got exactly what we were looking for and for much cheaper.

Having this blog is making me realize the importance of risks and trying new things. When Elliot first suggested us making our own, I was hesitant. But after conquering this table, in such a short amount of time, I’ve realized what a little creativity and effort can do. Why not try?

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