The LAVA Music Festival

A couple weekends ago, I had the opportunity to attend a brand new music festival in Suffolk, VA: The LAVA Festival.

It all started with a quest for that music festival feel. I honestly haven’t been to any music festivals in my life. A lot of concerts, sure, but no festivals. My sister, Emily, did some research a few months ago and somehow found a festival close by with one of our favorite bands. I couldn’t pass it up.

What I especially loved about this experience was the chance to hear some bands perform live that I may never see otherwise. I found some great new artists and experienced them on stage – it was incredible.

Firstly, let me introduce the whole reason we found this festival: Mutemath. I found this band years ago and I am still so intrigued by their unique sound and fun videos. The song below was one that I knew would be amazing live.

Some other songs to mention were Blood Pressure and Typical, which is definitely their most popular song. These guys have a blast together and ended up getting pretty crazy. The lead singer, Paul Meany, jumped into the crowd at one point.


And I can’t help but insert this photo – we were patiently waiting to secure our front spots for the show…and the band just came out, started setting up, and talked to a few fans! They seem so down to Earth.



Aside from Mutemath, another fantastic band we saw were the headliners, Fitz and the Tantrums. I had heard some of their songs before, but I didn’t really know their music. I did a little research before and I’ve done a ton more listening since the festival. They have a few big hits, but my favorite in concert was Break the Walls. There’s no music video for this one, but take a listen anyway.

The energy this band has is INSANE! I couldn’t stop jumping up and down during the chorus – What a way to end the night!

Here’s the line up if you’d like to explore more:

28f9b434742ada3c75a3ca56323a16e5 (1)

Robert Delong was another artist that was a lot of fun on stage. Generally not my type of music, but I was ready to dance when Global Concepts began.

Thanks for reading! I hope I’ve introduced some fun, new bands for you to explore. Comment below with any festivals or concerts you’ve been to recently. (:

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