The Liebster Award: A Nomination?!

  • Why did you start blogging?  To help myself and others get more inspired. There’s so many wonderful, little things in life to be accomplished and shared.
  • Books or Television?   Does Netflix count? Otherwise, books.
  • Idea of a dream date?   Exploring a new place (city or outdoors) followed by a delicious, unique dinner date. And possibly drinks after!
  • You finding love or love finding you?   I’ve found it.
  • Favorite Music band/singer?  Coldplay.
  • Best year of your life yet?   Sophomore year of college. Although 23 has been pretty good to me so far.
  • Fancy dinners or take out?    Fancy dinners.
  • One thing you always carry with you, excluding electronics?   Chapstick. And of course my gum ball machine ring from Elliot.
  • Where is your Happy Place?   Swimming holes and hiking trails in the Blue Ridge.
  • One of your unique talents?    I can write bubble letters surprisingly fast.
  • Finally, Who’s the Hero in your life?   Both of my parents. Most recently, my dad. For his courage, strength, and optimism.

The Nominees:

My Questions:

I have to say, after exploring a lot of blogs, I’m surprised these people don’t have more followers! I’m also realizing what makes a blog great. Congrats everyone and thanks for a great experience.

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