My Fall Wish List

I haven’t posted a ton about fashion on here. That’s largely due to the fact that I would love to take pictures of myself and the items I love, but we’re not quite there yet.

Regardless, I love fashion. I’m no designer or Project Runway watcher or anything (ok, maybe a little), but I love clothes, jewelry, shoes..and I love putting them all together.

I’ve currently got a bit of a wish list for Fall on Pinterest and I thought I’d share it with you.

1. Ankle Boots

I’ve had some great tall boots for a while now, but I need something more versatile.


2. More Cozy Scarves

Enough said.

faa365990f898e574d2e9fb31c1a7e27     92c748a2f92abde60ca5c669bd6d8a92

3. Simple, Gold Jewelry

I absolutely love the way gold looks with layers. It looks much cozier than silver.

bfe19b8444a0fc418c68de5aa9447e65     be859c61553355665693e028358bd13c

4. A Really Amazing Pair of Jeans

I just got a great pair from H&M so I’m planning to head back there. I might have to give up my skinnies for a pair of girlfriend jeans.


5. Comfy, Thin Sweaters

While I love sweaters, I tend to get hot in them running around at work. I’m on the lookout for thinner, but just as cozy sweaters.

b0429147178f1078534b30f3abec933e      3c9740dbae48355542f2f1c074e36b08

6. Wedge Ankle Booties

Looking at Target for this one. They have much cheaper (and just as comfortable) version of the Toms Wedge Booties.

 17455995    10006248-FH15-BLACK-SUEDE-WM-DSWDG-BOOT-DESERT-WEDGE-WN-H-1450x1015

7. Babydoll Dress

Two of my favorite dresses are this style. They’re so cute and comfy. I seriously need more in my life.


Thanks for reading! What’s on your wish list for Fall? Feel free to follow me on Pinterest for more style inspiration like this!

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