Rainy Day Adventures

One of the things I love most about Elliot is his sense for adventure.

Yesterday, we were both being lazy and having a typical Saturday when we decided to make the day exciting. Elliot had the idea to visit some waterfalls a few hours away. He knows the area well and always has ideas up his sleeve. So, with a new podcast on, we set out to the Highlands.



Our favorite stop was Dry Falls. Not sure where the name came from, but it was quite the opposite on this rainy day.



After walking down some steps, we realized we were able to go underneath the waterfall. Such a fun experience!



After the waterfall adventures, we went to this DELICIOUS barbecue place for dinner. We had been meaning to go there after hearing great things and I’m so glad we did. YUM.


Barbecue Trance


If you’re ever visiting Western NC, you should visit Haywood Smokehouse. We went at 3:00 and there was still a wait. Goes to show how much people love this barbecue!

It’s amazing how such an ordinary Saturday can turn into something so extraordinary. (:

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