The Struggle of Finding a Great, Natural Deodorant

I first got inspired to use more natural beauty products after watching a few different YouTubers explain why they use natural products. I immediately became interested in natural deodorant and the benefits of it.


I’ve always had trouble with deodorant. I’m a naturally sweaty person and I need a strong deodorant to keep me fresh throughout the day. Over the years though, I had developed red bumps under my arms. I figured that was normal or that maybe it had to do with shaving. I also realized that my underarms were much darker than the rest of me, but again, I figured that was normal.

No. It had to do with the deodorant I was using and the ingredients in it.

So, the process began.

1. Primal Pit Paste


This was my first try with natural deodorant: Primal Pit Paste. I found this one from one of my favorite youtubers, Cloudy Apples. She swears by this stuff. At first I tried the regular primal pit paste stick. The scent was lavender and the simple ingredients spoke for themselves.

The thing about switching from conventional deodorant to natural is that your body goes through a detox. It’s working hard to get rid of all the chemicals built up from years of wearing other deodorant. I’ll tell you, it’s intense.

This first deodorant also has baking soda, which takes some time to get used to. I even had to get a soothing oil that the website recommends to make sure my armpits weren’t burning.

Ok, so here I am going through this smelly detox and trying to make sure my underarms aren’t burning. It was a weird time. But the effects started to lessen and the oil really was helping my body adjust to the baking soda.

Unfortunately, as much as I wanted this deodorant to work, it just didn’t. My body could not handle that amount of baking soda and even still, I smelt a little strange by the end of the day. I guess the formula didn’t work with my body chemistry.

Determined to still make it work, I tried the sensitive stick that has no baking soda, but a few more natural ingredients to combat that. This is the one pictured above. It has worked ok, but still isn’t for me.

So, the journey continued.

2. Toms


I was in CVS one day, browsing products and feeling determined. I decided to give Toms a try. I had a feeling it wouldn’t be strong enough for me, but I figured it was something different than what I was using.

Toms works pretty well. It doesn’t last all day for me, but I imagine it would for others. I still have it and use it on days at home occasionally. No irritation and smells nice.

3. Crystal


One deodorant I was really interested in was this crystal deodorant. It’s main ingredients are water and potassium alum (or mineral salts). This works ok, but it felt a little strange on my skin. It’s a roll on and I had to wait for it to dry in the morning and often ended up blowdrying it. It felt strange once it dried and wasn’t the strongest. If I had to wait for a deodorant to dry, it needed to work.

4. Arm & Hammer


This next one was recommended to me by my sister. She was curious about this whole natural deodorant thing and found this one amazon. I was interested. After all, it uses baking soda just like Primal Pit Paste.

It really did work, but after further research, I discovered that this deodorant isn’t all that natural. It is certainly better than most, but it isn’t perfect. If I’m going to make this commitment, I couldn’t use this.

Plus, I think my body had become too used to natural deodorant and my skin became a bit sensitive after using it.

5. Eau Des Minimes


Ok, at this point, I was frustrated. I had given several deodorants a good try and was getting discouraged. I spent way too much time reading blog posts, reviews online, and countless websites to find some more options. I finally decided on this one and I’m so glad I did.

WOW. I am in love. Similarly to the Crystal deodorant, this one contains Alum Stone as a natural deodorizer. Other than that, it contains essential oils: Blood Orange, Lemon, and Mandarin to stay refreshed and combat perspiration smells, and Rosemary to purify and cleanse.

This company, Le Couvent Des Minimes, seems to have it right. It lets my skin breathe while keeping it protected, all with just a few ingredients. I do have to blow dry it if I’m in a rush in the morning (e.g. everyday), but it’s so worth it with the amazing scent and how great it works. Not to mention, the bottle is glass, which seems very environmentally friendly to me.

Long story short, it can be a long process, but it’s so worth it to me once you find what works. I’m currently looking into more natural skincare, including make up products. Share below if you have any natural products you love!

3 thoughts on “The Struggle of Finding a Great, Natural Deodorant

      1. These are a few I have been using for about two years now after trying lots of products. Decently priced too.

        -NOW Solutions Vitamin C and Manuka Honey gel cleanser – This is a gentle cleaner, but cleans well also.

        -Earth science clarifying facial wash – My second face wash I use when I am more oily than usual or more make up to wash off.

        NOW Solutions Vitamin C and Acai Berry Purifying Toner – Over time, this helps keep even skin tone. It is also hydrating.

        -Earth science papaya enzyme gentle skin peel mask – Sloughs off dead skin cells gently. BEST MASK I have tried. Also has some clay in it to draw out impurities. I do at least once a week.

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