The Importance of Getting It Done

As I sit here finishing up my lesson plans for the week, there’s something on my mind that I want to share.


It’s been about 6 months now since I started blogging, which is pretty crazy to believe. It’s truly become apart of my life and I’m excited to keep working on it and continue to get better.

But with balancing blogging, work, and life, I’ve realized something: It’s so important to get things done right away

When I get really busy, my to do lists get longer and longer and I get more and more stressed. I fidget, I clench my teeth, and unfortunately, I take things out on those around me.

I’ve started to notice a pattern here. I only get stressed when I’ve put essential things off. When I get the important things done right away, then I don’t have to worry about them later. I suddenly have time for the never ending to do list of things I’d like to accomplish.

For example, at the end of a work day, sometimes I need to make a phone call or send an email. Last year (in my first year of teaching), it was way too easy to put these things off and tell myself I’ll get it done later. This little thing would way on me until I would get it finished. Would it take very long? No. Was it difficult? No. And still, I was stressing myself out over it.

So, here I am today, finishing up my lesson plans for the week, and I feel great. I did a lot of planning before Thanksgiving break so I had nothing to worry about tonight. I’m just putting the finishing touches on things. Now, I had plenty of time to unpack when I got home and clean out my closet a little bit. It feels great.


I know we all get into the bad habits: procrastinating by binge watching a tv show or searching the internet, then cramming in the important stuff at the last minute. While it’s understandable that this happens sometimes, I’ve realized: What is this doing for me? I just end up unnecessarily stressed.

I need to be more aware.

If I need to send an email, I’m going to do it right then. If I have the time, why not?

If I notice something that needs to get done around the house, I’m going to take a minute and do it. It probably won’t take long and I’ll feel accomplished when I finish.

If I’m given an assignment at work, I need to complete it as soon as I have free time. It will be much harder to get to it later.

It’s time to get things done…and it’s time to do them now.


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