Christmas Tree Shopping

I love the idea of picking out a Christmas tree. Whether on a farm or from a parking lot in town, it’s always so fun.

Since moving to Western NC, I’ve always wanted to go to a Christmas tree farm and pick out fresh tree to take home. In my family, an artificial tree became the easier choice as the years went on. But there’s just something so magical about a real tree.

Last year, Elliot and I found a Christmas tree farm not too far from home, but sadly, it wasn’t what we expected. While it was still fun, this place was huge! Unfortunately, we couldn’t pick any tree; there were only certain trees we could pick from. We actually ended up picking one of the trees on display, which wasn’t nearly as exciting.


This year, however, I was determined to have the experience we set out for! Although Elliot was not convinced, he managed to find what he believed was a pretty good place, just a little bit more of a drive.


So last weekend (Starbucks in tow!) we set out for Little Switzerland, a small town over an hour from us. And we found exactly what we were looking for.



This little family farm was so cute and the people were so friendly! We got a pole, to determine the height of the tree, a whistle, to call the workers over to get our tree, and our very own saw!


It was so fun to search through all the trees and find the perfect one. It was even more fun to see Elliot “chop” the tree down himself!


What a goof.


It was such a lovely experience. (:

I even snapped a couple pictures of my outfit for fun. Leggings and a flannel shirt are the way to go when it comes to christmas trees.


What are your holiday traditions when it comes to your tree? Share below!

     heart.png Sophie

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