My Only New Year’s Resolution

Hello friends.

It’s been a little while since I posted anything. Life, as always, got busy.

But also, I think I’ve had a little trouble figuring out what to post. I’ve had lots of ideas flow through my brain, but I kept coming back to the new year and the typical resolutions post.

Then today, I came across this quote on Facebook.


And I couldn’t help but think: YES! This is exactly why I couldn’t write a New Year Resolutions post…because I wasn’t waiting for the New Year to begin my goals. I was already working on them in December and in the months before.

So truly, the only New Year’s Resolution I have is…to be happy.

Something I’ve learned about myself recently is that I’m a very goal oriented person. I always have never ending To Do lists and notebooks filled with ideas and inspiration. I simply don’t feel productive if I’m not working towards my goals.

That’s exactly why I couldn’t come up with any typical resolutions this year. The whole purpose of this blog is to keep me inspired while helping inspire others. I don’t need any new goals because I already have lots.

I do think it’s important though to remember the important things. Everyday will not be perfect. I’ll never accomplish all I want to in 24 hours. But I can remember to appreciate the small moments, take some time for myself, and just enjoy life. Simply be happy.

So, while I have lots of plans to achieve my goals, I’m going to keep this one as the most important, no matter what.

heart Sophie


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