There’s a New Spark in the Sky

Hello all. I’ve got a fun band to share with you today.

I’ve actually mentioned them before when I saw them at a festival over the summer. You can read about that here.

I have loved Mutemath since I was in middle school. They sounded a little different than other bands and even with their most recent album, I still think that’s true. They’ve always been into electronic sounds and Vitals has taken that to a whole new level. I am SO in love.

Each time I listen, I find a new song I’m obsessed with. That’s the beauty of finding a band you truly love. Even after a month of listening, I’m still loving something new. I’ve been really into their instrumental songs recently. They sound pretty good on the vinyl I just got.


Honestly, I think you should go listen to the whole album right now. But I’ll settle for the first song I fell in love with since it’s the first one on the album.


Please share any albums or songs you’ve been loving below! I’m always looking for new music.

heart Sophie

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