Happy Spring!

Happy First Day of Spring everyone!

Is it just me or does warmer weather make you feel WAY more motivated? Although it’s currently chilly tonight, it’s been a lot warmer recently and it makes me so much more productive.

To celebrate the recent weather, Elliot and I went on a hike last weekend to a place called Lover’s Leap. I was a little discouraged since it was raining that morning. Elliot managed to convince me to get out of the house and I’m so glad he did.



It got sunnier and warmer as the day went on. It was a pleasant surprise.


We had such a nice view of the little town of Hot Springs. Plus, we got to see a train go by! It just goes to show that you can’t get discouraged by a little bit of rain. Some sunshine can always find it’s way through.


Like I said, I’ve been feeling so motivated by this weather. In January, I started exercising again and recently it’s become part of my life. It may not look like much, but I honestly feel so accomplished and I feel my body slowly changing. I’m so excited to keep at it!


Thanks so much for reading! What motivates you? What are you super excited about for Spring? Comment below!

heart Sophie

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