Exploring Maui: The Food

Alright, everyone. I just can’t go visit somewhere new without posting about the food. It’s such a big part of culture. Not to mention, there’s so much good food out there! We can’t help but experience it as much as we can. I won’t be showing every meal as I didn’t always take a picture, but I’ll be showing some of my favorites. There was a super delicious Thai food truck we went to a few times, but I sadly didn’t get a picture of that. Let’s start with…

Meal 1: Spam Masubi

You might have heard before that Hawaiians are big fans of spam. I always thought this was a little exaggerated, but it seems like spam is truly popular. I had never had spam before and it was actually pretty good! We tried out spam masubi for the first time from a local grocery store. Elliot continued to make it for breakfast throughout the week.


Can we just take a moment to see how many different types of spam there are?? That empty section is where the regular spam normally goes..


Meal 2: Ahi Tuna and Tacos at Coconuts

Our home base in Maui was in a place called Kihei. Not too far from our AirBnb, there was a taco place with good reviews called Coconuts. It was pretty great.



Meal / Snack 3: Pineapple Cookies

On our way up to Haleakala, we stopped for a little snack. These cookies were surprisingly good! Crumbly, but not dry and definitely a little fruity.


Meal 4: Poke and Papaya

One thing Elliot and I were dying to try in Hawaii is something called poke. Similar to sushi, this dish is chopped up tuna in some sort of sauce over a bed of rice. We had heard that some of the best poke can be found in a local grocery store, Foodland. It was pretty delicious.


We actually ate both the poke and papaya on the beach. I’m not usually a huge fan of papaya, but this one was pretty delicious!


That afternoon, we also got a nice, cold coconut from a local stand. They literally took a machete to it to open it up. This thing was HUGE! Apparently they were out of the regular size and only had the big sizes. Totally worth every penny though. I’m also not the biggest fan of coconut water, but this was so unbelievably refreshing and stayed cool in the shade for hours! No coconut water I have tried is nearly as delicious.


Like I said, the size of my head!! Not to mention, full to the brim of coconut water.


Meal 5: Oceanside

This was my favorite restaurant we visited in Maui. It’s only been open for a few months, but it had great reviews online. It’s easy to see why. The atmosphere was so relaxing, the view was awesome, and the food was perfect. I got the angel hair pasta with shrimp in a lemon butter sauce. These shrimp were so sweet and the sauce was perfect! I’ve tried to make this at home, but I just can’t do it justice.


Elliot got the special: Seared red snapper and veggies. So good!


For dessert, we couldn’t help but try their cheesecake, made with local goat cheese and fresh fruit. This place is great for using local produce and I love it.


Meal 6: Mama’s Fish House

We had planned to have one fancy dinner while on our trip. This place was definitely that. Elliot still can’t get over how expensive the cocktails were, but they were delicious at least. While this place was good, a lot of what you’re paying for is in the experience. The restaurant is located right on its own private beach. It’s all open and surrounded by beautiful scenery. It was definitely a nice experience.


Appetizer of raw ono in a coconut.


Elliot’s dish: The Traditional Hawaiian


My dish: Lobster and Crab stuffed Mahi Mahi.


My favorite part of our meal was the fish – it was so juicy! While I’m glad we experienced this place, I can’t say I’d go again. It just goes to show that expensive doesn’t always mean the best.

We ended our evening by playing darts at home and drinking some local beer. I am in LOVE with this one! It’s nice and smooth with a hint of pineapple – yum!


Meal 7: Eskimo Candy

Back to poke. We tried a bit of poke on the trip was this was our absolute favorite! We actually went to this place twice it was so good. You get 4 different types of chopped tuna, seaweed salad, and all on a bed of rice. This fish was so light and refreshing!


Meal 8: Oceanside Round 2

Did I mention we love this place? I couldn’t stop thinking about it since the first time we went so we just had to go back for our last meal before our flight home. They did not disappoint. This meal was even better than our first!

Their bread is seriously one of the best parts of the meal. It’s a warm, honey wheat bread with house made butter and an herbed butter.


To start our meal, we split the beat salad for something new. I’m so glad we did. I like beats, but this took them to a whole new level. We ate this up!


Next, the special appetizer of the day: deep fried snapper cheek. Um, whoa.


And for the main course, the Cioppino, with clams, mussels, local fish, and Kauai shrimp in a delicious broth.


On top of our amazing meal, the manager was so thankful that we chose to spend our last meal there that they gave us a free dessert! If you go anywhere in Maui, go here.

Thank you so much for reading! I love finding good food and can’t help but share it. Anyone else’s mouth watering?

As always, feel free to share any foodie experiences below!

heart Sophie

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