Exploring Maui: Little Adventures

While there are lots of big adventures to be had in Maui, there’s lots of little things to do too!

One thing Elliot and I made sure we did was go to a Luau. Of course it’s very touristy, but it was still a lot of fun! The food and drinks were delicious, the company was fun, and the performers were fantastic. Not to mention, they invited people to come on stage to have a hula lesson! I’m definitely glad we did it.




I was so obsessed with the fresh flower leis!! We had to pay extra for these beauties, but it was worth every penny.




I will say that I’m glad we did this early in the trip. As we explored the island and became more comfortable, we felt less and less like tourists. So, it was perfect to do this at first.

The next picture is pretty silly, but I just couldn’t resist! While Elliot and I were at our fanciest dinner of the trip, we saw a little lizard near our table. Elliot joked that he was probably looking for a girlfriend and was making his mating call. Before long he found a friend and they did not seem to mind that we were sitting right there! Our fancy dinner suddenly got even better.


On one of our trips to Hana, we stopped at this little shop for some water and treats. This place was so neat! It was literally in the middle of nowhere, but full of fun trinkets and lots of history. It’s apparently been around for 90 years! My favorite section was all the vintage cameras.


We had quite a few little adventures on our last day in Maui. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that my school is studying Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits and implementing the elementary program, The Leader in Me. I couldn’t help but visit a similar school while I was there! I felt SO welcome at this school! I even got a little notebook and a homemade lei. So thankful I had this experience.





Since we were in the area, we ended up visiting a vodka distillery next. This was so interesting – the vodka is made from sugar cane!





Right next door was a local goat cheese farm. This was also so much fun and the cheese was delicious. We learned a lot in one day!




To end my little adventures post, I had to share how hilarious it is that there are chickens EVERYWHERE on the island! My favorite moment was when we took a wrong turn and ended up in a really jungly area with about 10 or 15 chickens heading toward our car.

We made lots of little chicken friends. Here’s a baby one we found during lunch!


Thanks again for joining me on our adventure through Hawaii. It truly was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to plan our next one!

heart Sophie




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