Why Not?

When I got back from my trip, I was showered with questions. I had tons of coworkers and friends asking me how it went. Everyone was so genuinely curious and kind.

After explaining the trip and my love of exploring new things, there was a common response I heard among a few people. It went something like this, “Oh, that is so awesome! I would love to get to do something like that.” Some even said, “Wish I could.”

I was so surprised by this. These few people sounded so discouraged, so unsure that they would ever be able to travel somewhere like Hawaii.

So my first thought was: Why not? Why can’t these awesome people do what I just did?

Let me start with a little disclaimer and say I get that it’s expensive to travel. I know. I’m very fortunate that my mom loves to travel and has the money to afford it. I’m very lucky that I was given all the opportunities I was in order to pay for this trip myself. I realize that my reasoning below can not reach everyone. America as well as other places don’t give everyone the chance to have opportunities like this. And yes, that is unfair.

That being said, on my North Carolina teaching salary, I was able to do it. My boyfriend, making less than me, was able to do it. We just made it a priority and figured it out.

If you’re ever looking for travel inspiration, there’s a blog I love called : Shut Up and Go. These guys are around my age and have managed to visit so many incredible places! Pretty sure they’ve made a living of it at this point.

I guess what I’m saying is, don’t dismiss awesome things. Don’t think it’s out of your reach. Do your research. Save up money. And make it happen.





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