My New Favorite Water Bottle


I bought this water bottle for 2 reasons.

  1. I broke my plastic water bottle and I felt bad about throwing out all that plastic. Trying to make a better choice, I got a glass one…and broke that. I knew I wanted something eco-friendly, but also something nice and sturdy.
  2. I was about to head out to Bonnaroo, the music festival held in June in Tennessee, meaning it was going to be super hot. I heard this water bottle could keep things cold for 24 hours. We’d see about that.

So, I did it. I found a slightly cheaper one off the REI website and spent the almost $40 for a water bottle. After a quick wash, I filled it up and put it up to the true test: A summer music festival.

And it worked.

No, really. It did! I could not shut up about this thing. I’d fill it up with nice cold water from the fountain, galavant through numerous shows and sweaty dancing, and it would still be cold. In 90 degree weather.

Now I can’t say if this truly lasts for 24 hours, but I can say that it lasted a few hours in my black backpack in the sun. That’s enough for me.

Since then, I have been loving stainless steal water bottles. They are a responsible choice when it comes to helping the environment since stainless steal is a great recyclable material. I won’t feel bad recycling it if it breaks. It’s also a healthier choice for me. The ones I choose are BPA-free and the water always tastes refreshing. It’s now my go-to for hiking adventures.


Other than the Hydroflask, I love using the Sip by S’well for everyday use. This is another great company that makes quality products and gives back to the community.


Any other water bottles you’ve been loving? Let me know below!




3 thoughts on “My New Favorite Water Bottle

  1. I love my little stainless steel camelbak, but you’ve totally convinced me to invest in a hydroflask! I saw a pretty purple one on the trail this past weekend!


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