Create Your Dream Space

Have you guys heard of this book? It seems to be sweeping every household in the nation. It’s all about tidying up your house and therefore, tidying up your life. The writer, Marie Kondo, refers to her style of organizing, or tidying, as the “Kon Mari” method. Essentially, she tells you to ask yourself with each item in your house, “Does this bring you joy?” If it does, keep it and store it neatly. If it doesn’t, get rid of it.

I was really intrigued when I first heard about this book. I’m a pretty organized person, but nothing ever stays as neat and tidy as I’d like it too. I’m also in the process of helping my mom clean out her house so when I heard she picked up this book, I HAD to give it a try.


Now there are many reasons I’m obsessed with this book. It’s inspired me to make some awesome changes, both in my house and in my first grade classroom.

But there is one particular part of the book that struck me. One simple thought that made me question a lot of the choices I’ve been making.

On page 36 and 37 of the book Marie Kondo explains “Before you start, visualize your destination.” Now, obviously that makes a lot of sense. Ok, I need to imagine how much better my house would look if I got rid of the extra stuff and organized the important things. I get it.

Well, I thought I did anyway. Kondo goes onto explain one client in her twenties who wanted “a more feminine lifestyle.” When asked what she meant, she gave a detailed description of her dream home. How she would have a “pink bedspread and a white antique-style lamp.” How she would have a bath before bed while burning aromatherapy oils. How she would listen to some classical music while “doing yoga and drinking herbal tea.” And finally, how she “would fall asleep with a feeling of unhurried spaciousness.”

Her description was so lovely and surprisingly detailed. It was in reading this girl’s description that I realized I did not have my dream space. Parts of it were great, yes, but it does not give me this calmly feeling of peace like I wish it did.

And I thought to myself, what am I doing? I had made excuse after excuse of why my space wasn’t functional and the way I wanted it to be. I pretended like it was my boyfriend’s clutter messing things up or the fact that I don’t have enough money to make it the way I’d like. I was just blaming everything, but my own willingness to make a change.

So it began. I turned to the DREADED corner of my bedroom that I hated. Picture two wine boxes stacked on top of each other for a (not so very) chic nightstand, a dusty mess of shoes on the floor, and tons of random clutter on top of my dresser. I would show you a before picture, but it was sad and embarrassing.

I finally shoveled out the money for a nightstand at Ikea. (I just hate how expensive those small pieces of furniture are!) Once I got home, I immediately built it and started decluttering my space. I cleaned off my dresser; I stored shoes that I don’t use everyday; I put miscellaneous beauty products in the bathroom and only kept the things I use each morning. I organized my nightstand and made plans for future additions to my space.

I took a deep breath, looked it over, and fell in love.




So, what am I saying? Am I saying my house is now perfect? No. Am I saying this book changed my life? Absolutely not. But it did make me realize: What is really holding me back from having things the way I want it? Sure, I still need a few pieces of furniture and small accents to make this house how I’ve always dreamed. But that will come. Right now, this space is functional, beautiful, and just how I’ve always wanted.

Why did I ever let anything hold me back before?

Now, picture your dream space. Imagine what you want out of your home. And make it happen.


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