Getting Back on Track: 5 Healthy Habits

It’s that time of year again. Back to school. It’s bittersweet really. I’m honestly super excited to get to know my students and get back into the swing of things. And while summer is sadly leaving, that only means that fall is around the corner. 🍂 😊

Although I promise myself that I’m always going to eat super healthy in the summer, that doesn’t always happen. With vacations, staying with family, road trips…healthy food was sometimes put aside. About a month ago, I wasn’t feeling my best after eating some not-so-healthy food while visiting family. So, when I got home, I was determined to eat better to make my body feel better! After a while, I realized there were a few things I started doing that eased me back into better choices.

Here are my 5 Tips to Start Healthier Habits:

1. Drink lots of water

Ok, stating the obvious here. But we are all guilty of not drinking enough water. I know I get so distracted with life I just don’t think about it! Plus, half the time I’m hungry, it turns out that I’m really extremely thirsty. Chugging a glass a water does wonders.

I also LOVE to start my day with a big glass of water. It’s the first thing I do after I brush my teeth. I always feel more awake after that. I’m telling you: Try it.

2. Kombucha

Kombucha, or fermented tea, is something I’ve only started loving recently. For someone who doesn’t drink a lot of carbonated drinks, it took a little getting used to. Now, I’m OBSESSED.

Whenever I’m not eating very healthy, I make an effort to pick up one of these babies. It always makes me feel better. They’re amazing for your digestion and I hear they even help your mood! Maybe that’s why I always feel great after.

One of my favorite’s is the GT’s Gingerade, but I love them all at this point.

3. Get Inspired

Pinterest and Instagram are your friends. I follow lots of organic, healthy eaters and they always inspire me to eat better. Their meals just look so fresh and delicious!

I also find lots of inspiration on Pinterest. Often times I’ll have a certain ingredient I’m trying to use up and it’s easy to find interesting, new recipes to try. For example, I had some beets that I knew I needed to eat and I found this amazing recipe on Pinterest for a beet, squash, and lentil soup. It was something totally different but turned out amazing! (Especially when I added a little cilantro on top).

4. Try Something New

One thing I’ve been loving this summer is going to my local farmer’s market to get a bunch of new things to try. As I mentioned before, I had some beets in my fridge that I needed to eat up. I would never think of buying beets in the grocery store, but there were so many beautiful ones at the farmer’s market, I just had to give them a try!

I’m so glad I did. I ended up making lots of fun, new recipes from my farmer’s market ingredients and it felt so good to support local farmers. Now I can’t wait for fall to try all the new things in season!

5. Make it Flavorful

This might be my most useful tip of all. I feel like so often people think that healthy food is boring. Like eating a plain salad and drinking a glass of water. Um, no. I’m here to tell you that healthy food can be flavorful!

Spices, spices, spices. That is my best advice. Experiment with flavors. Add a little here and there. Try on Asian or Mexican food for a change. I love making tacos because they’re so versatile. You can add any meat, lots of veggies, and make tons of different sauces.

Hope this helped inspire you to get healthier! I know it’s helped me. Feel free to leave any healthy tips or recipes below!


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