Stop Comparing Yourself

We all do it. We look at an Instagram page, a Facebook photo album, a girl walking down the street, and we wonder why our lives aren’t going as perfect as theirs seems to be.

I’ve been doing this too much recently. I’ve started an Instagram just for my blog and I can’t help but get jealous of other people. I see perfect photos and nicely written posts and wish I had as many followers as they do.

But how does comparing myself help? It doesn’t. It certainly doesn’t help my posts get better and it definitely doesn’t bring me happiness. So why do I keep doing it?

It’s easy to do. People put their best selves out there. They capture the best or nicest part of their day to share with the world. They edit their photos, add a filter, and suddenly everything seems perfect.

We all know nobody’s perfect, but it’s so easy to be jealous when scrolling through feed.

So, how do I turn that jealousy into something I can use? It’s time to take inspiration from the posts I find instead. I want other’s posts to fuel my fire, not put it out.

Here’s my challenge for you: instead of getting jealous, get inspired. Use other people’s amazing posts as inspiration for your own life. Here are 4 ways to do it:

1. Be inspired

Like what you see? Give it a try yourself! Whether a new outfit or fun recipe, you can make it your reality.


2. Set goals

If someone is posting things you love, make it a personal goal to achieve some of those things, whether that’s traveling to a new country or just trying to eat healthier.


3. Make connections

Like what you see? Let them know! Everyone loves getting comments and likes on their posts. Share the love! It always comes back around.

 4. Challenge yourself

Make your Facebook, Instagram, etc. everything you want it to be. Post things that make others inspired. Become the feed that you would have been jealous of before.


Feel free to check out my Instagram! I’d love to connect with you guys. 🙂

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