How I Save Tons on Groceries

Have you heard of Aldi? It’s pretty awesome. It’s a European company that strives to have quality food at low prices.

aldi (3).jpg

My mom discovered it a few years ago and at first, I wasn’t impressed. It’s different than other grocery stores. You have to bring a quarter to use a cart (but don’t worry, you get it back). You also have to bring your own grocery bags or you’ll have to pay for ones there. Finally, the food isn’t displayed beautifully and is often left in the boxes it came in.

So you might be thinking, what’s the appeal to this store?

It saves us so much money.

Each time we shop at Aldi, we spend between $50-$75, depending on what we need that week. Sure, sometimes we stop by another grocery store for a couple more things. But overall, it saves us tons. That leaves more money to go out to dinner every once in a while, which Elliot and I love to do. That also leaves more to save up for traveling and other adventures.

And the best part is, Aldi strives for good quality products. They’ve chosen to skimp in some other areas (variety, display, bags, etc.) to keep prices low. They are only open at the hours people usually shop. They’ve found a way have good quality food for unbelievably cheap.

Plus, they are making better choices each time I shop there. I’m finding more and more organic produce, products with very few, high quality ingredients, and items from good sources. There’s no other grocery store that I know of that has organic, good quality products for so cheap.

So friends, do yourself a favor. Give Aldi a try. It may feel different at first, but once you hear the final price, you’ll be glad you did.

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