The Simplifying Series: Clothes

A new year has begun and it’s the perfect opportunity to get inspired, start something new, and reach some goals. I don’t have any specific resolutions this year, but ever since reading Mari Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it really got me thinking…Why do I keep all this stuff? Too often life gets busy, my house ends up being a total mess, and I’m left frustrated and wondering how it happened.

So, I figured the New Year is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf. Each weekend I’m taking the time to go through one category of stuff and get rid of anything I know I won’t use.

The first thing I started with (and what is actually recommended in the book) is clothes. I’m pretty good about going through my clothes a few times a year, but this time I really got rid of a bunch of stuff. The book recommends that you pile your clothes (by category if you have a lot) onto your bed to really see all you have. It’s honestly really helpful.


I had a drawer full of t-shirts that I never wear. I had dresses and tops that I use to love, but I haven’t worn in years. I had pants that I bought with good intentions, but I never reach for them. It was time to just let them go. I sorted my clothes into 3 categories: Donate, Sell, and Keep. I didn’t have a lot I wanted to sell, but there were a few nice items I just couldn’t give away. I figure I’ll give Poshmark a try.


I ended up bringing all of the donated clothes (except the really old ones) to a friend who works at a local shelter. They are the best at disposing old clothes. If the shelter can’t find a use for them, they get taken to a local thrift store. If the thrift store can’t find them a home, the fabric gets repurposed. I feel good about where my used clothes are going.


Even now as I look at my closet, I still see some things I could get rid of. And if I don’t wear them soon, I probably will. It’s a freeing feeling to get rid of so many things and minimize your closet.



This is only the beginning. I’m actually really excited to go through the other parts of my house and minimize the things I have. There’s just no reason to hold onto extra stuff I don’t need. Even if the Kon Mari method doesn’t totally change my life, at least my house will be much neater and more organized.


I hope this has helped inspire you to take a look at your closet and rethink some of the things you own. I can’t wait to keep going. Check back next week for more!

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