The Simplifying Series: Bathroom Products

After conquering clothes, I knew exactly the next place I wanted to tackle: the bathroom. Our bathroom was FULL of travel sized shampoos, old vitamins, and duplicate medicines. For two people who don’t use many products, our shelves and cabinet were overflowing with products. It was getting ridiculous and it was becoming so hard to find anything you actually needed. I’m honestly embarrassed to show the before pictures.




I was getting so tired of going through piles of things to get what I wanted. It was time to actually look at what I had and only keep what I need.

The best part of this process was how quickly I cleaned it out! It didn’t take more than an hour to throw away, recycle, or give away anything we weren’t using. I even took the time to reorganize everything when I was finished. It is night and day.




As I’ve said before, I have no idea why I was holding onto so much stuff. It’s easy to tell yourself “Maybe I’ll use that one day” or “What if I need it?” But honestly, I’m much more likely to stop by a store to get what I need then go through the pile of stuff under my sink. Half the time things are old or expired anyway. No use holding onto it.


I turned two shelves full of products into one! And don’t those cotton balls look so much prettier in a mason jar?!


These beautiful makeup drawers are from Amazon. I love how they look!



Once my trash and recycling bin were full, I realized exactly how much was cluttering up our bathroom. I had a basket stuffed with nail polishes that I never used. I couldn’t believe how many were old and dried up! It felt like I never had any room for anything when really I was just holding onto stuff I didn’t need. Not to mention, I was buying things that I already had! I literally found FOUR vapor rubs. Imagine the money I’ll save now that I’m organized. And as I’ve said before, I can see getting rid of even more in the future.

Now, I’m in love with what we have and how it looks. It sounds silly, but walking in and knowing exactly where to get anything is so nice.


Going through this process is such a satisfying feeling! I can’t wait to clean up the next area of my house. I hope this gave you a little new year inspiration as well, and if you want some more inspiration, be sure to check out my last post on how I simplified my clothes.

Thanks so much for reading! As always, share any of your organizing tips below. 🙂


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