Documenting Life

This past weekend was amazing. I mean actually perfect.

My sister graduated from college with more honors and accomplishments than I can count. My whole family (picture My Big Fat Greek Wedding) came miles to celebrate. We ate lots of delicious food, drank a little too much, and had tons of inspiring conversations. Not to mention, I got to spend a beautiful sunny Mother’s Day with my incredible Mom. Seriously, what a weekend.

Shoutout to my mom for this awesome shot!
Not even the whole crew..


Mother’s Day Brunch!


You know what I didn’t do all weekend? Stare at my phone. I literally forgot my phone in my mom’s car (across campus) for the entirety of my sister’s graduation. I spent the majority of the day without it. And it was actually great.

This weekend made me realize something about myself, something I think I always knew, but I thought I could change. It’s obvious now that I’ve been lying to myself and that I just need to embrace this part of me. See, the truth is…

I’m not a social media person.

I recently said this to my sister and she kinda laughed, knowing that I have a blog, an Instagram for that blog, and my own personal social media, including Facebook. Things I post to pretty regularly. Or, try to anyway.

But I’m starting to see that this really is true. I like to share things with friends and family on Facebook, I’m not denying that. I like to scroll through Instagram and obsess over people’s photos. I like sending memes to friends and coworkers.

Here the thing, though, I’m just not the type of person that wants to document every aspect of my life. Which of course is ok, but I was trying to become the type of person that does. I had every intention of documenting my whole weekend with my family and sharing it on Instagram. I was trying to be like the people I love to follow and it’s obvious, I’m simply not like that.

The sad thing is, this is affecting my consistency. I get stressed out when I’m not posting constantly, but then I don’t end up posting anything at all because it isn’t up to my standards or doesn’t fit what I’m trying to accomplish. Or worse, I end up posting something just to say I did it. That’s just bad. And by the end, I’m left feeling frustrated and wondering if blogging is something I really want to do.

Then I remember how much I love writing. I love jotting down my thoughts. I love discovering something new and having a platform to share it. I love connecting with other people and learning tons each day.

I don’t love posting every meal I eat, every outfit I wear, or every adventure I have. I want to live in the moment, instead of worrying about capturing it.

So, what now? I’m going to post authentically. Like today, when I came home from work and was suddenly struck with this idea for a blog post and an Instagram picture. I’m not going to stress about posting a certain amount of times a week, but post when I’m inspired, when it’s natural and good. I’m definitely going to stop making this blog such a stress in my life and remind myself why I started it in the first place. I need to pour myself into this blog and stop trying to be something I’m not.

Do me a favor and leave your phone in your car or in your desk drawer for a day. I promise, you won’t regret it.


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