Styling White Sneakers

After sharing my 10 Closet Staples, I thought it would be a great idea to show some of those items in action! This is one of my favorite outfits to wear: a simple dress, white sneakers, and my trusty jean jacket. And I don’t care if it’s summer, you can definitely still wear black 😉



Shoes: Keds, Jacket: Vintage, Dress: American Eagle

To me, white sneakers are one of the easiest things to style. They go with jeans, black pants, shorts, and dresses! They add a clean feeling to any outfit. Plus, they make you ready for any adventure! Even if you’re wearing a dress.





That’s why I was so excited when Brooke, from The Tony Townie, had a similar idea when styling her white sneakers! I love that she chose a fun, bright dress to pair with her Converse. It was so great to collaborate with a fellow Asheville blogger! Especially one with such cute style.




I love that we took something basic and gave it our own style twist.



Big shoutout to Brooke for this awesome collaboration! Next week, I’ll share how we each styled the classic white tee. Stay tuned!

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