Bonnaroo: More than a Music Festival

A couple weekends ago, I went to the amazing-ness that is Bonnaroo, a music and arts festival in Manchester, TN.


I went for the first time last year with a few close friends and it was simply incredible. It was so great that I got back and immediately asked my principal if I could miss the last two days of school to go next year. I definitely held him to that promise.

It was worth it.


While last year was awesome, especially since I had never experienced something like that before, this year was even better. The line-up was so great that I often had to choose between artists and decide who I wanted to see more. No regrets though.


I also went with a big group of friends, which I highly recommend. I recruited two more friends and my sister convinced six people to join. In all, we had a group of 12 people filling up four campsites. It was awesome.



Oh, Ron

Just like I said last year, Bonnaroo is so much more than a music festival though. People look at the line-up and decide if it’s worth the money. But to me, it will always be worth it for the experience.




There’s no other place where I can see my introverted friend run up to strangers to give them high fives. There’s no other place where friends become so close that you’re constantly having moments. There’s no other place where you’re more likely to be told that your backpack is open than you are to have something stolen (This happened to me 3 times! People are so nice!) There’s just no other place where you are so carefree, confident, and completely yourself.


By far my favorite totem of the weekend!


When anyone asks about my experience I always explain it like this: You are exhausted, sweaty, dehydrated, and maybe a little sunburnt. But you are so happy.




So if you’re thinking about going to a music festival, do it! There’s so many different ones all over the world at a variety of prices. I’m sure you can find your happy place.

I promise you won’t regret it.


This weekend I’ll share some of my favorite music performances from the festival! Including some new discoveries. Stay tuned!


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