Musical Favorites and New Discoveries

One of the best things about going to a music festival is being able to discover so much new music. You fall in love with artists all over again while finding new ones that make you ask, “How have I never heard of you before?!” I only had 3 artists I was dying to see, but ending up seeing over 15 performers by the end of Bonnaroo. I could go on and on about each performance, but I’ll try to keep it down to my favorites from the festival.

New Discoveries:

These are the artists I had never heard before, but I’m so thankful I got to see them.

1. Francis and the Lights

This guy is awesome. He has this amazing song “May I have this dance” featuring Chance the Rapper. So of course Chance joined him on stage to do their weird dance moves together. And later for Chance’s set Francis joined him to do this song again! I’ve already downloaded his album and I love it.



2. Nghtmare

This guy KILLED it. He might be my new favorite EDM artist. His set was non-stop hype and he was so good at adding fun songs to his music. My favorite was when he starting playing Journey.



3. Getter

Getter was right before Nghtmare and also put on a great show. At one point he counted down by saying “A, B, A B C D!” and it cracked me up so much! Love this guy’s sense of humor.



4. Marshmello

Can I just point out the awesomeness of The Other stage and all the amazing music I discovered? It’s Bonnaroo’s new EDM stage and it blew my mind all weekend. Other honorable mentions: Haywyre, Herobust, Big Gigantic, and Rezz.



New Found Loves:

While I had listened to all these artists before, I gained a new appreciation for them after seeing them live.

1. Flume

Not sure why he wasn’t in my top 3 going into the festival. He has some amazing music and was so incredible live. I would love to see him again.



2. Major Lazer

Same thing goes for these guys. They killed it! Their lights were out of this world and they had dancers that made the show even more epic. So glad I got to see them.

I actually didn’t get a video of them, but I’m sure you’re familiar with this song.


3. The Weeknd

I listen to tons of the Weeknd, but found a whole new appreciation for him after talking to friends and then seeing him live. He was the last performance at Bonnaroo and it was the perfect ending to the festival. He had this ridiculous space looking thing on stage that was moving slowly enough to make you say “Wait, when did that move?” Plus I see his lyrics at a whole new level after watching him perform. I can’t stop listening to his albums since I got back.



Original Favorites:

These are the 3 artists I went into Bonnaroo planning to see. So glad I did!

1. Goldfish

I heard of Goldfish way back in high school. I didn’t really listen to anything else like them and they were just fun. When I saw their name on the line-up, I was so stoked! This was a band I never expected to hear live and there they were! Plus, I discovered lots of more recent songs before leaving for Bonnaroo and fell back in love.


They were also INCREDIBLE live. I brought lots of friends along to this show and it did not disappoint. They were constantly playing live instruments while also mixing sounds. Simply awesome.



2. Tove Lo

Tove Lo is someone I’ve been dying to see. I heard her music a while back and I knew she would put on a good show. With her huge glowing vagina on stage and flashing the audience at one point, she definitely did!



3. Lorde

She was BY FAR my favorite. Probably because I knew every song and sang along the whole time. But she also had the best visuals of the whole music festival, in my opinion. Everything was in slow motion and gave this amazing vibe to her set that fit her music so well. Plus we got to hear some of her songs from her new album Melodrama just days before it came out.


I think my favorite thing about Lorde was her gratitude for it all. She had a moment where she sat on the edge of the stage and sang her new song Liability and had a beautiful moment with the crowd. It was obvious how grateful she was to be there. It also helped that the majority of my group ended up at her set which was magical in itself. There I go getting all sentimental again. My bad.


I’ll leave you with a quote from Lorde that made me love her even more:

“I’m definitely getting a slushy from Sonic after this. Still deciding what flavor to get.”

You can’t help but love an artist like that. One that is so thankful, so real, and just a incredible performer.

If you made it through this whole post, you deserve a gold star. Feel free to share any of your new musical discoveries below!


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