What I’m Listening to: October

Hello lovely friends!

I thought it would be fun to start sharing a few songs each month that I’ve been loving. As I’ve stepped into adulthood, I’m finding myself moving away from exploring music like I used to. So, in an attempt to combat that, I’m going to find a few songs to share with you each month: some old, some new, but all ones I love.

Firstly, one of my favorite bands, Mutemath, came out with a new album last month and I can’t stop listening to it. It was hard to pick just one song to post, but this one has so many amazing things happening in it. It starts all relaxed but by the end I am full on jamming out. Only Mutemath can do that to me.


This next one was a discovery from the amazing XM station, Alt Nation. I find some of the best music on there and half the time it’s from a band I’ve never heard of. I get way too many feels each time I listen to this one – it just gives me a great feeling. Plus it’s perfect for chilly Fall drives on the Blue Ridge.


Ok, this one is a little out there so stay with me. I’m not really into rap all that much, but I’ve recently been obsessed with Kendrick Lamar. After talking to my sister, it seems like there is so much hidden meaning in each of his songs. Each time I listen to the album, I hear something new. And with all of my politic feelings recently, it’s no wonder I’m drawn to this.


Lastly, this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Fleet Foxes. The change of seasons brings such a nostalgic feeling. I can’t help but think of my childhood of carving pumpkins and playing in the crisp Fall leaves. This song makes me feel at home. I know I’ll be playing this album on repeat once we move into our new house.


I’d love to know what you’re listening to! Feel free to comment below with your current favorites.

Now, excuse me while I go blast all of these songs.


2 thoughts on “What I’m Listening to: October

  1. That’s so funny – when I saw in your bio that you live in the Blue Ridge Mountains I got the Fleet Foxes song stuck in my head… I scroll down two posts and there the song is! Your blog is lovely, I’ve followed 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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