What I’m Listening To: November

I’ve got a few more songs to share with you guys this month. I’m really glad I decided to start this series of blogposts because it’s actually getting me to think about what I’m listening to and making me explore music a lot more.

To start off, I can not stop replaying this one. In fact, I might just be listening to it right now. It’s super short, but has the best beat and actually wants to make you sing along and say “oh, sh–”


This next song is one I actually convinced my friend to play at his friendsgiving because it’s so chill, but catchy at the same time. Shoutout to the forever amazing AltNation on XM for helping me find these first two.


Ok, ok. Try to stifle your laughter on this next one. But I can’t help it…I love Taylor Swift. She’s my guilty pleasure. I don’t care if I’m the most basic white girl out there, I’ve been listening to her new music and I love it as much as I’ve loved all her old albums…ok?? Now excuse while I sip on my pumpkin spice latte and listen to this on repeat.


And finally, it’s that time of year. Probably not the time of year your thinking of though.

It’s when I start thinking about the upcoming Bonnaroo lineup. Although I’ve never seen this band live, my sister raves about them and I am hoping they’re visiting the farm this year. From what I hear, they put on an amazing show. So when this song came on the radio the other day, I started feeling all the musical festival feels.


I’d love some more music inspo! Feel free to comment with your recent favorites below.

Happy listening!


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