What is self love?

Hello dear friends,

So there’s a lot of talk about self love recently. And just like anything else, people are ready to tell you what you should do to show yourself some love. Take a bubble bath, go for a walk, eat that cupcake.

But I’m here to tell you that self love is whatever you need it to be. It looks so different on each person, each day, and each minute. I know what I need for myself one day might look completely different the next.

There are days when I get home from work and I am just exhausted. I don’t need yoga or a home-cooked meal or my friends in that moment. I need my cat, netflix, and an early bedtime. That’s exactly what I needed last night and it made me feel amazing the next day.

But some days, I need to get up early, do my yoga, and make the biggest, healthiest breakfast. I need to turn on some music and slowly drink my coffee.

Other days all I need to do is have some drinks with friends and laugh until my cheeks hurt. It does wonders for my soul.

And then there was one day (recently) when I realized that I need to go see that band I love even if no one else can go with me because damnit I love them and it’s going to be awesome. I will have fun no matter what and I shouldn’t let others stop me.

See, self love can take many forms.

So, what I’m saying is, follow your gut. You know what you need. Listen to your body and trust it. You are the most important person in your life and you deserve to be happy, whatever that looks like in that moment.

As my dear friend Virginia always says:

Love yourself.

Happy Valentine’s Day,



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