So, I Lost My Phone

This is something that has never happened to me before. I’m not one to lose important things like this, especially things that cost a lot of money. But I was at a music festival with my incredible sister, who recently returned from a long trip around the world, and I dropped it in a crowd in my excitement.


At first, I wasn’t too worried about it. It would show up. There were lots of amazing people at Bonnaroo and they would get it to lost and found. So, I checked the booth a few times a day to see if it had shown up, but when it didn’t, they always reassured me that things turn up all the time and I should keep checking.

Then, when it wasn’t there on my final day at the festival, I filed a claim and set off home hoping it would make it’s way to me. I was surprised how much I wasn’t bothered by losing it and how I could actually survive without it, although it was turning into a bit of an inconvenience.

When I was at the festival, however, it was almost freeing to be without my device. I wasn’t spending time trying to take photos or videos, I was just watching the show. I wasn’t trying to upload something to instagram or text a friend in the horrible service, I was just being with my friends.



And when I got home, while it became hard to contact people, for the most part I wondered,

What did I always do on that thing? 

When I had to fill my time with other things, it seemed crazy the amount of time I had spent staring at that thing. It became obvious that a lot of the time I spent using it wasn’t productive or helpful, but just a distraction from real life.

How to break up with your phone.jpg

It’s actually pretty ironic that I lost it because I had just bought the book How to Break Up With Your Phone and I was determined to form a better relationship with it over the summer. I wanted to become more mindful of how and when I used it. My mom joked that I broke it off pretty abruptly by just losing it at a festival.

And sure, there are things on there that are really helpful and I am thankful for. I am especially glad that my iCloud did an amazing job backing up all my contacts, photos, and videos from right before I left for Bonnaroo. That will make things a lot easier. I’ve also realized how much I miss and appreciate little apps that were helpful for my daily life like my calendar, notes, and my Flo app to help track my cycle.

But again, for the most part, I can’t believe how much time I spent on that thing. I feel so much better not worrying about it or checking it every 5 minutes to see what’s happening on social media. It’s really freeing.


Everything happens for a reason, right? So, maybe I was meant to lose my phone. Maybe this was exactly what I needed. I’ll get a new one and life will go on. But the lesson I learned will always be there.



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