Summer Colors

Hello dear friends!

It has been a bit of a world wind around here. The summer has started off much busier than expected, but the good thing about that is it feels much longer than a month so far. After a week at home, I’m off on my big summer adventure: Thailand.

My incredible sister has spent the majority of the last year traveling the world. After visiting numerous countries, she came to the realization that Asia is where she wants to visit for a while. She has met some of the most beautiful people there plus she’s gotten deeper and deeper into her meditation and yoga practice. It’s inspiring.

We’ve always talked about visiting Thailand. Our dad had lived there for a while as a teenager and always said how much he enjoyed it. While he wasn’t a very religious man, he was surprisingly spiritual and felt a connection to Buddhism.

So after some convincing, I decided to join my sister on her adventure and head to Thailand! I started making plans half way through the school year to save up and make it happen. I’ve definitely been a little tight on money, but I’ve worked hard and picked up some extra responsibilities to make sure I could do it.

Now, here we are. Embarking on what I know will be a life-changing experience.

I’ll be a little absent from social media and this blog while I’m gone, but I will try to share updates when I can! I will also make sure to share all about my experience once I return.

For now, I’ve got a summer playlist to share. It’s full of some of my favorite artists from Bonnaroo this year along with lots of feel good music. I decided to make a summer playlist instead of a monthly one because I imagine I will continue to add to this list as time goes on. I’ll probably get back from my adventure with some new found favorite artists or songs.

With the help of my sister, I decided to call it “Summer Colors.” This time of year is full of bright, beautiful things. Festival season is in full swing and lovely experiences are happening everywhere. Friends and family go off on incredible adventures near and far. Nature is in full bloom and exploding all around us.

As you read this, I’m currently experiencing the wonders of Thailand, which I have no doubt with be just as vibrant in it’s own way.

Enjoy! Feel free to follow this playlist as I continue to update it this summer.

Much love,

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