March Dancin’

Hello friends,

It’s been a minute since I’ve gotten on here! Until recently, I wasn’t too inspired to create content. If I’ve learned anything from blogging for a few years now, it’s that creativity ebbs and flows. Sometimes I have 20 ideas I HAVE to get written down to share and other times I can’t think of one thing.

But now I’m back in one of those creative spurts ready to share some thoughts! We’ll start with this month’s playlist.

I’ve had the idea for a while that I wanted March’s playlist to be upbeat, quirky, and fun. I wanted it to be filled with music that makes you want to move!

And then, I was watching The Umbrella Academy, ya know, the one big dance scene, and I feel like my playlist was brought to life.

umbrella academy dancing

Whether you’re listening to a quirky alternative song, an upbeat rock song, or some catchy edm, this playlist will get you moving.

And if you haven’t seen The Umbrella Academy (it’s pretty good and definitely intriguing), I highly recommend you at least watch the dance scene to get you in the right mindset.


Happy dancing!

(PS. This is a two for one music blog post! I just couldn’t get the right songs together on my February playlist until now. Take a listen to that as well, which has a totally different vibe, by clicking the link!)



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