The Magic of Morning Pages

Have you heard about morning pages? I hadn’t either until one of my favorite youtubers (well one of the few I still watch anyway), kept mentioning them. And now, she’s been doing it for years and continues to love it!

So, naturally, I put the idea in a folder in my mind of “things to do when I develop my dream morning routine.” You know what I mean? Those little ideas we tuck away that we hope we can get in the habit of doing someday (I am convinced that one of these days I’m going to start my day with yoga, meditation, and morning pages).

Well, as it turns out, I kept coming back to this idea. See, my anxiety has gotten really bad recently (more on that soon) and taking time to work through my thoughts seemed like a smart idea.

Then it just…happened. I was buying a new planner when I decided to go ahead and pick up a nice quality moleskin notebook. I guess the idea was that if I had a nice, new notebook, I’d finally want to start this thing I’d thought about for so long.

And, it worked.

By the next morning I was writing down two full pages of thoughts. And then the next morning, I did it again. And then I kept doing it! I’ve only been trying it out for about a week or so, but now I can’t imagine not completing my morning pages. It helps me get so much clarity, work through decisions, set goals, and make to do lists.

So, what exactly are these “morning pages?”

The basic premise is this: You literally write whatever comes to mind. You can even write, “I don’t know what to write today.” But what’s magical is that no matter where your mind is, you always find something to write about! Some days may bring up more than others, but no matter what, it always makes me feel great by the end. It’s as if my head feels more clear after getting all my thoughts down on paper. It’s easier to see what I want to accomplish and what’s really going on.

Sounds crazy, but it’s magical, I swear.

And while I love meditation, this is a whole new way to go deeper into your thoughts. I often find myself circling around the same things when I meditate, but sometimes writing these things down brings up things I didn’t even realize before I sat down. I end up figuring out what I truly want by working through the ideas. I feel so ready to start my day afterward.

But how long do I write for?

Most people, including the person I mentioned, write for three pages. Since I got the biggest moleskin notebook and it has a ton of lines, I only write for two. I find that it’s the perfect amount to get things out without my hand getting too tired.

Okay, but isn’t this just journaling?

I mean, it’s definitely a type of journaling. But I know when I used to try it, I felt like I would need to recap my whole life. All the big things that happened recently and how I felt. The beauty of morning pages is that you can write those things down or you can just write random things you’re thinking about. There’s no pressure! It makes me enjoy it much more than I ever did with traditional journaling. Plus, it’s meant to be done first thing in the morning, which is key to starting my day much more focused.

Why I love morning pages so much

  • When I’m going back and forth on a decision I’m trying to make, it helps me see what I really want. In fact, recently I did my journaling one morning and thought I was sure on what I wanted. But as I went through my day, I kept coming back to that decision I made and it just didn’t feel right. Then on the following day, I realized what I really wanted to do and listened to my gut by writing about it. I felt so much more confident about the choice I made by working through my options.
  • I feel so much more free afterwards. As I mentioned before, it’s as if putting these thoughts down on paper take the weight off of me. I feel lighter and less stressed. It’s such a helpful way to work through things you didn’t even know were there.
  • It’s a great way to set goals and make your daily to do list. The video I mentioned earlier explains that it’s helpful to keep a notebook or planner beside you while you write. That way if an idea comes up or a reminder for something important, you can write it down for later. I always remember things while I write.
  • Finally, it got me back into journaling. As I said, it’s so different from when I’ve tried journaling in the past. It’s so laid back. There’s no expectation of what needs to be said. And if you miss a day (I know I did when traveling recently), it’s okay. Because you’ll just pick it right back up and start from wherever you are.

So, if you’re looking to get some clarity or to just try something new, I highly suggest trying out morning pages. You never know what will come up!

Happy writing,

PS. If you give this a try, please let me know! Tag me on Instagram @_simplysophie or share your post to my Facebook page. 🙂


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