September Nostalgia

Hello friends,

It’s that time of year again. School is back in session, the weather is slowly getting cooler, and for whatever reason, I always have this feeling of nostalgia. I think back to being a kid, playing in the leaves in my neighborhood, being so excited to buy new school supplies, and, not to mention, my favorite holiday just around the corner.

Anyone else feel this way? No? Just me? I guess that’s the teacher in me speaking…

Either way, this playlist is mostly centered around the song “Charlie” by Mallrat, which I heard on the radio a while back and haven’t stopped listening since. It’s a current song, but still has nostalgic feeling, dreaming of childhood and previous years. Between my love of that song and watching Now & Then on Netflix recently, this playlist has become the perfect mix of old and new.

I hope you enjoy dancing, cooking, dreaming, and singing along to it as much as I have.


Happy Listening!



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