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Hello friends,

So about a month ago, without really realizing it, I started creating a list in my head of some things I’ve been loving; things that have brought a lot of joy to my life and/or made life a little bit easier. After a while, I thought that it was definitely something I wanted to share! And I see more of these types of posts in my future. Whether it’s a new food discovery or recipe, some great sustainable product, or anything in between, I think it’s nice to share a small piece of what’s going on in my world. Enjoy!

1. Face Oils


With winter forever taking a toll on my skin, I have been obsessing over face oils recently. So much so that once I use up the bit of lotion I have, I definitely want to get some body oils too! Both oils are from two of my favorite stores here in Asheville. I highly recommend you check them out whether you live here or are visiting. “My Happy Skin” is from Ware (you can find it here) and the “Moon Child Face Oil” is from Villagers (found here).


2. Skirts

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Someone recently told me that skirts are in…? Well, maybe that’s true, but whatever the reason, I’m super into them right now. They make me feel very Zooey Deschanel in New Girl and just plain cute. I really don’t have many yet, but I found this one at  Virtue and I’m in love. Currently on the hunt for some secondhand skirts to add to my wardrobe next!






3. Dutch Oven


Elliot got me this dutch oven for Christmas because he knew how much I’ve been wanting one! Super excited that he found this one secondhand for only $6 too. This thing takes making soups or delicious sauces to a whole knew level. I recently cooked up some chickpeas in this pot and it was life changing! (Highly recommend this recipe if you ever want to try cooking up dried chickpeas from scratch. Even the broth is amazing.) Expect to see lots more recipes coming from this new kitchen staple!


4. Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Making a Baked Sweet Potato in the oven is so easy and comes out perfectly sweet and fluffy on the inside with this foolproof recipe.



Not sure why but it took me a long time to jump into the roasted whole sweet potato game. I mean WHOA. If you haven’t put a whole sweet potato in the oven and enjoyed it’s creamy yet crunchy and sweet goodness, I highly recommend you do! This has been a favorite breakfast of mine recently and leaves me feeling full, healthy, and super satisfied. I like to top mine with smashed avocado, cilantro, and roasted chickpeas. (Photo from





5. Dried Flowers




With the cold weather the past few months, dried flowers have been my jam. I suddenly felt a little weird buying fresh flowers in winter, and when I found some beautiful bouquets at West Village Market (a cute little market close to our house with lots of local goods), I found my new favorite thing! I had been drying some flowers myself, but these bouquets are specifically made to be dried. Pretty cool. And they add some beauty to little corners in our home.





6. Cedar Soap Tray

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While I’ve had this soap tray from Ware for a while now, I just had to give it a shoutout. I’ve been doing my best to use more bar soaps to reduce packaging and this simple, inexpensive wooden tray keeps my bars lasting for SO much longer. Elliot could not get over how long his bar soap lasted in the shower compared to bottled soap just by using this thing. It allows soap to fully dry out instead of just sitting in water, giving it much longer life. Simple, but oh so helpful.


7. Pela Case


Finally, I’ve got to share my new phone case! I recently cracked my screen pretty bad and realized I needed to replace my case. I had heard of these cases before, but after learning more about them, I’m so in love. They are 100% compostable, as in I can put this in my backyard compost or send it back to Pela to recycle (into new cases) when I’m done with it. Wild right? Makes me feel so much better about buying a new case that’s not completely plastic and will end up in a landfill forever, while also not having to worry about dropping my phone. Not to mention, the cases are around what you would pay for a nice “regular” case! I love the design and also love the texture of the case as well (something I did not expect when I ordered it). Highly recommend.


Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment some things you’ve been loving below.



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