Sophie. A 25 year old in the Blue Ridge Mountains trying to figure out adulthood. In many ways, I feel I’ve been waiting my whole life to be this age: young, excited about adventures ahead, and ready to take on the world. There’s a lot I’ve figured out, but a lot more that I need to learn. While this blog may inspire you, I’m creating it to really inspire me. It’s so easy to have a project in your mind and think, “well, I’ll just start it tomorrow” or “maybe this summer”. I want to get past that. I want to complete all the things on my never ending to do list. I want to watch less Netflix and spend more time outside. I don’t want to put things off, but conquer them now. And I want to amaze myself with what I’ve accomplished.

I’ll call this a “Lifestyle” blog. I plan to share recipes, clothing ideas, house projects, music favorites, and anything else that comes along. I’ll share my ideas and I’d love for you to share yours.

Let’s get inspired together.

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