Why Not?

When I got back from my trip, I was showered with questions. I had tons of coworkers and friends asking me how it went. Everyone was so genuinely curious and kind. After explaining the trip and my love of exploring new things, there was a common response I heard among a few people. It went something … More Why Not?

Exploring Maui: From Mountains to Beaches

Aloha, everyone! Over Spring Break, Elliot and I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Hawaiian island of Maui. We have actually discussed moving there with its laid-back vibe, gorgeous mountains and beaches, and perfect tropical weather. But we didn’t want to make that decision without visiting, so that’s what we did! Other than the … More Exploring Maui: From Mountains to Beaches

Rainy Day Adventures

One of the things I love most about Elliot is his sense for adventure. Yesterday, we were both being lazy and having a typical Saturday when we decided to make the day exciting. Elliot had the idea to visit some waterfalls a few hours away. He knows the area well and always has ideas up … More Rainy Day Adventures

Hello, Fall

In honor of today being the first official day of Fall, I thought I’d post a few pictures of the boyfriend and me apple picking this past weekend. Even though it didn’t feel like fall when we were out and about, I am so glad we did it. Plus, the apples are unbelievably delicious. The … More Hello, Fall