Happy Spring!

Happy First Day of Spring everyone! Is it just me or does warmer weather make you feel WAY more motivated? Although it’s currently chilly tonight, it’s been a lot warmer recently and it makes me so much more productive. To celebrate the recent weather, Elliot and I went on a hike last weekend to a … More Happy Spring!

Winter Favorites

Since Winter is easing its way out, I thought I’d take a moment to share the things I’ve been living in this season. With any season, I tend to have a few staples so that styling is easy and I always know what to grab. So I found 7 Winter favorites to share with you. 1. My … More Winter Favorites

Snow Daze

If you live on the East Coast or even if you’ve been on social media recently, you’ve heard about the recent blizzard that hit. Like any other southern city, Asheville is not equipped for so much snow. Being a teacher, this means no school on Friday, no school on Monday, and as it turns out, … More Snow Daze

The Struggle of Finding a Great, Natural Deodorant

I first got inspired to use more natural beauty products after watching a few different YouTubers explain why they use natural products. I immediately became interested in natural deodorant and the benefits of it. I’ve always had trouble with deodorant. I’m a naturally sweaty person and I need a strong deodorant to keep me fresh throughout the … More The Struggle of Finding a Great, Natural Deodorant